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Ingraham: Obama’s Twitter Feed Could Be Written ‘By Any Random MSNBC Host’

Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham joined the Fox & Friends crew in mocking the White House for President Barack Obama’s Twitter feed (which is in fact run by Organizing for Action), after ABC News White House Correspondent Jon Karl got Press Secretary Josh Earnest to admit Monday that Obama doesn’t read his own tweets.

“First of all, you shouldn’t have tweets being sent out by the President of the United States,” Ingraham said. “Isn’t that kind of silly in and of itself? We all tweet, but we’re commentators, analysts, anchors.”

“That tweet could have been sent out from any random MSNBC host,” Ingraham continued. “It doesn’t exactly sound like a presidential declaration about the judicial branch. It’s very sophomoric and quite silly and unserious…But that serves a purpose, to continue to stoke and satisfy the left and to keep the whole political invective going, and so I’m sure they’re happy to have that thing out there circulating.”

The tweet in question was this one, which had many wondering whether Obama actually thought the Supreme Court’s decision in the so-called Hobby Lobby case removed a woman’s ability to make decisions about her health care:

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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