Jesse Watters Concedes He Would Have Been Apoplectic if Obama Skipped Arlington on Veterans Day

On The Five Tuesday, a rare concession from Jesse Watters: the pro-Trump host admitted that he would have been apoplectic if former President Barack Obama had bailed on a visit to Arlington National Cemetery on Veterans Day.

Juan Williams made the point on Fox News: “I care as an American that my American president, and no White House official, celebrate veterans on Veterans Day. That’s unbelievable.”

“Imagine if Obama did that?” Williams asked Watters. “If Obama did that, you would have apoplexy.”

“It’s probably true,” Watters conceded. “I will take that point in stride. But I will say at least this president funds the military, unlike the last one.”

Guest host Kennedy dismissed Williams’ comparison.

“Obama didn’t even know the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day,” she declared. “I mean I was always offended by that. This isn’t someone who was beloved by the troops. So I don’t want to hear the comparisons between Trump and Obama.”

Trump hasn’t had the most patriotic week: he skipped out on a trip to a cemetery of American soldiers while in France to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the end of WWI, blaming rain. Then, on Veterans Day, he declined to visit Arlington. He has yet to visit troops in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Kennedy might dismiss the comparison, but it’s worth pondering what she would say if Obama did any of those things.

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