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Morning Joe Contributor Elise Jordan: ‘Donald Trump is Indeed a Scumbag’

Here is yet another example of the ‘Rorschach Test’ era that we find ourselves.

Elise Jordan is a political analyst for NBC News and a frequent contributor to Morning Joe.

During a conversation about how Trump’s base will react to news that his campaign paid off two women with whom he allegedly had extramarital affairs  — and ostensibly flouting campaign finance laws along the way — Ms. Jordan simply stated that his base knows that “Donald Trump is indeed a scumbag.”

Suggesting that Trump’s “Playboy” behavior is already “baked into” his support, Jordan made the point that this news will not sway his base at all. A fair and astute comment.

Her candid turn of phrase, however, will likely be viewed by Trump’s base as crass and unbefitting of a television analyst, while Trump’s critics will likely delight in what they will certainly see as plainspoken and honest description.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of MSNBC, and decide for yourself!

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