Rudy Giuliani Downplays Reports White House Staffers Want Him to ‘Go Away’: It’s ‘Democratic Spin’

Rudy Giuliani is not buying reports that people in the White House are worried about his continued role as President Donald Trump‘s lawyer.

Fox News’s Laura Ingraham started off the discussion by playing a video of ABC News Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl reporting on-air claiming that senior officials within the White House will say privately that “they wish Rudy Giuliani would just go away and never be seen in public again.”

She then asked Giuliani if he thought the report was accurate.

Giuliani admitted some could be saying that, but it was really just “Democratic spin.”

“Are there people in the White House saying that? That could be,” Giuliani said.

He then continued on: “Is it accurate that in some way it’s gonna hurt to show substantial amount of corruption that took place and that the president was doing what he should do when he asked for an investigation? I would say that they are buying into the Democratic spin.”

He then noted there was “nothing to be defensive about” before pivoting to Joe Biden‘s alleged “corrupt” dealings and claims witnesses in Ukraine want to come to testify “how much during the Obama Administration Ukraine was corrupted by Americans.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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