Stephen Colbert Demands North Korea ‘Knock It Off’ With Trump Insults: ‘We Can Do It,’ Not You

On Friday night, Stephen Colbert had some tough words for North Korea and its dictator Kim Jong-un over their recent insults against President Trump.

Earlier this week, Jong-un referred to the president as a “dotard” and North Korea’s foreign minister compared Trump’s speech to the U.N. to “the sound of a dog barking.”

“Pretty sick burn to our president, which I have to say… knock it off!” Colbert ordered. “You are not allowed to insult our leader like that! Sure, I’ve had my problems with President Trump, such as everything he has said and done, but I’m not going to stand here as an American and let somebody from another country talk smack our president! We can do it, okay? Membership has its privileges, alright? It’s in the Constitution!”

The Late Show host continued his angry rant by saying “If I want to say that our president is a lump of uncooked pumpkin bread dough… that’s my right.”

“As an American, I have the constitutional right to say that Donald Trump looks like a rotting haystack made of meat,” Colbert added, “but you cannot!”

Watch the clip above, via CBS.

[image via screengrab]

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