Stewart on Davos Hypocrites: 1,700 Private Jets Will Fix Climate Change!

Jon Stewart treaded familiar waters Thursday evening with his monologue skewering JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon and AIG’s Steve Miller, but he reserved his strongest ire for all the hypocrites at Davos who unite to fight climate change while indulging in luxury.

“I wish there was one perfect fact to explain the kind of event the World Economic Forum really is,” he said, after describing the conference as “Monsters of Money.” The perfect fact? 1,700 private jets were reportedly used to ship all the important people out to Switzerland.

“That’s why the 2015 forum is brought to you by ‘SkyBidet,'” he snarked. And after learning that climate change would be a big topic at this year’s conference, he tore into the attendees’ likely mentality: “‘Can you believe how much climate we changed?'”

And it gets worse, Stewart said, when you realize another conference topic, “when juxtaposed with the world’s largest fleet of private jets, seem achingly lacking in awareness”: Global inequality.

“Oh yes. Global inequality,” he concluded. “It’s actually the in-flight magazine of the 1,700-strong Davos jet fleet.”

Watch below, via Comedy Central:

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