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‘That is a Lie!’ Navarro and Schlapp Slug It Out Over Trump’s Penchant for Untruths

We already told you about the first part of Ana Navarro‘s heated debate with Matt Schlapp on CNN today, but here’s the second part where they open fire on each other as they debated how much of a liar is President Trump.

The two joined Chris Cuomo today, where they had a rousing debate about how the Trump Administration broaches the politics of scientific subjects like abortion and climate change. Navarro brought things back to Trump’s pattern of misrepresenting his phone calls with various parties, and she tore into him by proclaiming “that is a lie.”

“Some of you may choose to believe alternate facts and live in an alternate universe,” said Navarro “Some of us choose to believe in a factual universe.”

Cuomo and Schlapp moved on debate whether Trump and other climate change skeptics are liars because they refute the scientific community’s consensus on the matter. As the discussion continued, Navarro accused Schlapp of using semantics and the debate about science to avoid talking about how he can’t defend the president for being a “compulsive, pathetic, daily liar!”

As the two continued to fight, Cuomo reminded Navarro that a person isn’t necessarily lying if they just happen to have political disagreements with others. Navarro shot back that the context of their discussion was that that Trump lies extensively, and the administration has a major credibility problem.

Watch above, via CNN.

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