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WATCH LIVE: House of Representatives Votes on Articles of Impeachment Against President Trump

The House of Representatives will convene on Wednesday to debate and hold an official vote on impeaching President Donald Trump for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. The proceeding is scheduled to begin at 9:00 a.m. ET.

The House session will begin with a debate on the rules to set the rules and parameters for the rest of the day’s proceedings. House leaders and numerous members are expected to speak and debate on the floor, which means the vote on the articles of impeachment themselves will come later in the day.

The charges in both impeachment articles stem from Trump’s efforts to pressure the Ukraine by withholding Congressionally-approved military aid in exchange for their government conducting an investigation into his political foes. Both charges were approved by the House Judiciary Committee last week, and their report on Trump’s abuse of power also fold in accusations of bribery and wire fraud that have been leveled at the president.

It is very likely that the vote to impeach will succeed in the House, due to the number of Democratic members who said they will vote yes well-exceededing the minimum threshold. It is less certain that Trump will be removed from office by the Senate, but this will still mean that Trump will join Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton as the third impeached president in American history.

Watch above, via PBS.

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