Whoopi Teaches Women of The View How to Pee Standing Up

In the first half of ABC’s The View on Friday, Whoopi Goldberg taught her co-hosts and guest co-host Ana Navarro how be a woman and pee while standing up.

Most women pee sitting down, but Goldberg has a trick. She is “dextrous,” which she explained, allows her to pee standing up.

“I’d love to be able to pee standing up. I think it’d be such a useful thing to have in this life,” said Navarro, to curious applause from the mostly female audience.

“I can teach you how to do it,” Goldberg said. “But you have to be dextrous. You just have to move your leg. Because the problem for women standing up is that everything goes down into your shoe.”

Watch, if you must, via ABC:

[Image via ABC/screen grab]

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