Bill Clinton Crashed An Irish Wedding

Between her work as Secretary of StateĀ and his work both with his Global Initiative and on the campaign trail, the Clintons are a busy couple these days. But the former president found the time last weekend to slow his breakneck work pace and make an impromptu appearance at an Irish wedding.

A big weekend was already in store at Castlemartyr in East Cork, Ireland for Kelly Seamans, an American, and Patrick Howard, an Irishman. The couple were set to wed at the beautiful, secluded resort last weekend when they were surprised to find that a certain former American leader had shown up for the ceremony. After discovering the wedding while staying at the same resort , Clinton characteristically stopped to flash a toothy smile and take a few photos with the bride and groom.

Mr. Howard says he thanked President Clinton “for the Peace Process and for being such a friend of Ireland”.

Former President Clinton, who was in Ireland for work related to an Irish-American philanthropy fund, continues to appear slimmer and more health conscious than he did during his presidency.

For the newlyweds, an already memorable day was made far more special by the unexpected appearance of such a charismatic, influential figure.”That is one photo that is definitely going into the album — it is a memory that will last us forever,” the bride said.

h/t The Daily Mail, Phillip Daly Photography

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