Brian Kilmeade Corrects Jesse Watters When He Bizarrely Claims Collusion No Longer Being Pursued

Jesse Watters ordinarily doesn’t encounter much pushback from the occupant of the far-right chair on The Five — normally Greg Gutfeld. But on Monday, with Brian Kilmeade filling in, Watters met some resistance after making an outlandish claim.

In the opening segment of Monday’s Five, Watters parroted the words of President Donald Trumpwho tweeted “NO COLLUSION” following last Friday’s release of the Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort memos.

“It is interesting…that now they’re not trying to go after [Trump] for collusion or obstruction,” Watters said. “Now it’s just the campaign finance violation.”

Kilmeade did not allow the bizarre claim to go unchallenged.

“They’re doing both,” Kilmeade promptly said. “They’re doing both, though.”

Friday’s latest filing from special counsel Robert Mueller indicated that Michael Cohen offered a Russian national “political synergy” — a term that would seem to indicate that collusion is still very much in play as part of the probe.

Watch above, via Fox News.

CORRECTION: This post has been changed to reflect that it was unclear whether Watters was referring to Mueller or Democrats in his remarks.

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