Congress Is Now Less Popular Than Cockroaches, Donald Trump, And Nickelback

Congress is pretty unpopular. This we all know. But just how unfavorably do we view our legislative branch of government? According to a new (highly amusing) poll, Congress is less popular than a whole range of generally unpleasant things — including traffic jams, root canals, cockroaches, and… Nickelback.

For example, the survey, by Public Policy Polling, asked, “What do you have a higher opinion of: Congress or Donald Trump?” — replacing Trump with a list of other things. In this case, yes, Trump was more popular (44 percent, compared to Congress’ 42 percent.)

Fifty six percent of people said they had a higher opinion of traffic jams, compared to 34 percent who said that of Congress. With root canals, the split was 56 percent to 32 percent for Congress.

But all is not lost!

Congress may only have a 9 percent favorable rating, but that still makes it more popular than North Korea, telemarketers, Lindsay Lohan, meth labs, ebola, and John Edwards.

Silver-ish lining? Eek.

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