Did Joe Biden Do Some Kind Of Bad Indian Accent When Discussing Call Centers?

There’s nothing more fascinating than watching the exact moment where a person realizes they’re making a bad mistake. Like the football replay where you see the running back look down at the ball he’s fumbling or the game show clip when the contestant second guesses his “final answer.” And we got another slow motion, car wreck moment today courtesy of Vice President Joe Biden who realized, a couple words in, that the Vice President of the United States should probably not attempt an Indian accent.

Biden was giving a speech on jobs at an event in New Hampshire when he began discussing all of the outsourcing that is plaguing America. Bringing up call centers, he began talking about how you can always tell the person on the other end isn’t American. He began imitating a regular call, clearly adopting some kind of accent for a few words, when you can see him stop, collect himself, and go back to his regular voice. Whew! Saved!

Really though, the worst part of this clip is when Biden changes the subject to the Discover Card call center guy “Nancy.” Come on, Mr. Vice President. The character’s name is clearly Peggy.

Watch the clip below:

(h/t Weazel Zippers via Fox Nation)

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