Donald Trump Predicts President Obama Will Launch War With Iran To Get Elected

As we wind down the clock on 2011 (Guys, why are still using winding clocks in 2011? Go digital!), a lot of people are making predictions about the year to come. With the Mayans already having staked a claim on one of the biggies, most pundits are focusing their predictions on the coming election. Yesterday, The Five‘s Kimberly Guilfoyle predicted that President Obama already had the election “wrapped up.” Today, Donald Trump shared his two dollars (rich men’s thoughts are worth more than two measly cents) by predicting that, to win the election, Obama would launch a war with Iran.

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Trump’s prediction came amongst a series of tweets promoting his upcoming book Time To Get Tough, which he promised would be his best since his 1989 bestseller The Joy Luck Club.

Trump claims his book will offer “solutions you won’t hear from the politicians” to the problems we face. Using a #TimeToGetTough hashtag, Trump elucidated on some of these problems, including the situation with Iran.

He followed that up with his Obama prediction:

It’s an interesting theory. Of course, at one point, Trump predicted that he’d be running for President so, really, only time will tell.

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