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Fox News Reminds Employees to Undergo ‘Sensitivity Training’ Post-O’Reilly

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A new report indicates that Fox News is handling the Bill O’Reilly ouster by reminding employees to complete their sensitivity training.

Per TheWrap, head of HR Kevin Lord sent out a memo saying, “It is critical that everyone attends to ensure that we maintain a professional workplace.” As a result, everyone from full-timers to freelancers was reminded to undergo the training.

We already know from a former employee’s 2013 memoir that O’Reilly’s first round of fallout from public sexual harassment allegations led to “diversity-sensitivity” training, so the report from TheWrap isn’t shocking. A Fox News spokesperson told Mediaite that today’s memo was only sent to contributors and freelancers and added that 96% of all employees have already completed recent round of sensitivity training since the fall. A training system has always been in place, but with Roger Ailes‘s departure last summer, it became more robust. Lord even acknowledged that himself in a previous memo.

Matt Drudge weighed in on the report today with the following tweet:

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 4.05.09 PM

The training sessions are reportedly one hour and are a one-time thing for each employee.

UPDATE — 5:02 p.m. EST:

This post has been updated for clarity on the timing of today’s memo.

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