Jason Chaffetz Slams GOP For Inaction on Health Care: ‘We’ve Been Talking About it For Seven Years’

On Wednesday night, Former Congressman and now Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz criticized fellow Republicans for not doing enough on health care reform.

Filling in for Martha MacCallum, Dana Perinomentioned how Republicans kept saying that they will repeal and replace Obamacare. She asked Chaffetz if, during all that time, there was ever a plan that didn’t get enough support or if there was never a plan after all.

Chaffetz responded by calling the numerous votes they had to repeal Obamacare during Barack Obama‘s Presidency “almost pretend” and that back in November he was told by GOP leadership that they were planning to have a bill waiting on President Donald Trump‘s desk in January.

When Perino asked if that plan will resembles the current Senate or House bills, he responded, “No, no. Nowhere close!”

“We’ve been repeatedly told by leadership, ‘Look, get ready in January. It’s gonna be there…’ and we’ve been talking about this for seven years, and here we are turning the corner in July and we still can’t point to a single thing that unite us!” he said

He added that Congress is “notorious” for working towards deadlines and will “notice” when Obamacare starts “imploding.”

When asked whether or not there will be a vote by Aug. 1, Chaffetz answered by saying “They’re gonna have to get something done by the end of July” in order for lawmakers to survive the August recess with their constituents.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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