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Major Garrett, Katie Couric And More Have Lunch With Pres. Obama Today

Which journalists had lunch with Pres. Barack Obama today?

We’re still looking into it, but we can confirm Fox News’ Major Garrett, CBS’ Katie Couric and we’ve heard Brian Williams from NBC as well. When will we get more details about the journalist-White House lunch date?

This morning, Couric tweeted:

Heading to dc for lunch w prez and other blogging or tweeting allowed, bummer!

But then she deleted it. Hmmm…

FNC’s Garrett responded with this:

Off to lunch w/@katiecouric & some famous guy. Hope I don’t trip or spill. Katie would never forgive. Other guy, either.

The only other name we’ve heard so far is Nightly News anchor Williams, but we assume all the networks were represented. We’ll probably find out more soon. We’ve contacted several networks and the White House, and are waiting to hear back.

The last lunch date took place in January (and included Shepard Smith telling the FNC audience about what it was like to sit next to MSNBC’s Chris Matthews).

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