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Meet Your New Iraq War: ‘Operation New Dawn’

President Obama has decided to rename the war in Iraq. A war by any other name is just as crappy? From the memo announcing the change:

“The requested operation name change is approved to take effect 1 September 2010, coinciding with the change of mission for U.S. forces in Iraq…It also presents opportunities to synchronize strategic communication initiatives, reinforce our commitment to honor the Security Agreement and recognize our evolving relationship with the Government of Iraq.”

That last bit would suggest there are some legal advantages to changing the name. Though if there are, no one at the Pentagon was apparently not interested in noting them. This from Jake Tapper:

Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell had no comment on the memo, saying it speaks for itself. The move has met with some criticism. In a statement, Brian Wise, executive director of Military Families United said, “You cannot end a war simply by changing its name.

Also, it looks like the folks in charge of naming our new, old, war maybe forgot to use the Google:

If Gates was hoping that “Operation New Dawn” would convey a new period in the US-Iraq relationship, it’s not clear that was the best choice of name.

After all, Operation New Dawn was the name for the bloody and grueling 2004 battle for Fallujah.

You can read the full memo here.

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