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Megyn Kelly Asks Guests: Should Sarah Palin Actually ‘Butt Out’ Of Primaries?

Is the Sarah Palin backlash beginning? Unlikely, but this remark from Rep. Jack Kingston on “America’s Morning News” radio show this morning is further evidence that the GOP is far from united behind the former Gov. of Alaska. Kingston told the hosts that he wished Palin would “butt out of primary races” because “what she is doing is dividing the Republican party at a time when we don’t need to be divided.”

Of course, one might argue it’s that very division that Palin has used to her best advantage. Or that she has done a good job creating the perception she has this influence by picking strong candidates. Either way, she’s getting credit for both. Meanwhile, Kingston also wondered why Palin “felt compelled to get into primaries all over the country” though I think the answer to that is obvious: where else could she wield her Facebook power? Kingston’s remarks come on the heels of Tuesday’s primary in which the Georgia candidate Palin backed lost (that said her batting average was pretty impressive).

Fox News contributor Angela McGlowan, who recently lost a congressional race in Mississippi even though she had Palin’s endorsement, tells Megyn Kelly, Sarah is not the problem. Moreover if Palin had endorsed her earlier McGlowan believes she could have won. No mention is made, by the way, that on top of being a primary force Palin is also a Fox News contributor. Watch below.

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