Michelle Bachmann Says Hillary Clinton Will Prosecute Churches and Nonprofits

At Friday’s Values Voter Summit, former Congresswoman Rep.Michele Bachmann (R-MN.) delivered a fiery speech in which she excoriated former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over a raft of issues, including the recently-concluded email investigation and the eight-times-concluded Benghazi investigations, but Bachmann also had a prediction for Hillary Clinton’s future. She told the gathering of religious conservatives that she expects to see a “heightened level of vindication” out of a Hillary Clinton White House, but it seems like she might have meant something different:

We will see a heightened level, I believe, of vindication coming out of a Hillary Clinton White House, where I believe there will be prosecutions for churches, for nonprofits, for anyone that opposes the Hillary Clinton agenda. Open your eyes.

Earlier in the speech, Bachmann framed this election as a choice between life and death by quoting Deuteronomy:

It will either be Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, one of the two, and just like the Book of Deuteronomy teaches us that: I have set before you life and death, which will you choose?

Deuteronomy is always a crowd-pleaser.

Social conservatives have shifted tactics in recent years to frame opposition to things like legal marriage equality as “religious freedom” issues.

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