comScore NBA's DeMarcus Cousins Ruins Clay Travis' Arrest Prediction

NBA Star Burns Sportswriter Who Predicted ‘100%’ He’d Be Arrested in 5 Years

Predictions in sports are kind of like predictions in meteorology, except that when you get it wrong in meteorology, people actually get mad at you for ruining their lives, whereas if you get it wrong in sports, people think you’re just pretty dumb.

For instance: five years ago, to this very day, Fox Sports 1 reporter Clay Travis made the following bold prediction about Sacramento Kings player DeMarcus Cousins:

Bold prediction. Superlative foresight. Inconceivable insight into the soul of DeMarcus Cousins, future criminal of thoughtcrime. Clay Travis, the NSA of sports writers.

Five years later, DeMarcus Cousins has not been arrested for anything, and today, he celebrated his five-year-no-arrestiversary on Instagram:

Today's the day!! Let's all show him some love!! @ClayTravisBGID

Una foto pubblicata da DeMarcus Cousins (@boogiecousins) in data:

While Travis called Cousins’ move “well played,” he was also unprepared for the onslaught of Twitter mockery. It’s pretty good (click here), and includes crude variations on the following bold prediction:

[h/t Deadspin]
[Featured image via DeMarcus Cousins/Twitter ]

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