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Omarosa Still Defends Trump, But Wants to Hear Him Seriously Tackle Race Issues

omarosaOmarosa has been on TV the past few days defending Donald Trump, but she’s not sure she’ll vote for him, and especially not if he doesn’t have a plan to deal with one certain issue.

In an interview with TheWrap, the former Apprentice contestant continues to praise Trump and tout all the support he has. She was on CNN a few days ago defending The Donald and saying Megyn Kelly engaged in the “lowest form of journalism.”

“The other campaigns don’t understand celebrity,” she said. “They need to study races with celebrities like the Arnold Schwarzenegger race, the Jesse Ventura race, Sonny Bono, Ronald Reagan.”

So given her strong defense of Trump, you’d think Omarosa’s vote would be a given, right? Nope.

She’s actually a registered Democrat and has something in particular she wants to hear Trump address first:

“I’m eager to hear and see what Donald Trump’s political platform will be and where he stands on issues that are important to me. Yes, he’s my friend, but if he doesn’t have a very clear way of dealing with ‘Black Lives Matter,’ criminal justice reform, issues with the police and my community… then, heck no!”

And last night, Trump did mention Black Lives Matter protesters, in the context of slamming Bernie Sanders for how he weakly let them hijack his rally, bragging he wouldn’t let the same happen.

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