President Obama Meets Hawaiian Woman, Asks Her If She Has Her Birth Certificate

Remember that whole Birther thing? Good lord, that was ridiculous. So ridiculous that President Obama has managed to successfully turn something once thought to be a serious problem into his favorite punch line. Following on the heels of coffee mugs and Lion King clips, the President got off a good one liner after speaking at an event in Oklahoma. While shaking hands with the crowd, a woman excitedly informed him that she was born in the same Hawaiian hospital as he and he quickly responded, “Do you have your birth certificate?”

It was pretty funny and charming but I’m worried the joke might be in danger of getting old. Mr. President, you should give it a rest for a little bit. How about some “Muslim Socialist” jokes for a while?

UPDATE: The woman in the video, it turns out, is Donna Schoenkopf, the mother of Wonkette editor Rebecca Schoenkopf. Schoenkopf the younger has an account from her mother right over here.

Watch the video captured by YouTube user dentonexable below:

(h/t Wonkette via Fox Nation)

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