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President Obama Reportedly Dismissed Syria Criticism as ‘Horsesh*t’

President Obama doesn’t really have a reputation for swearing, unlike some other political figures *cough*RahmEmanuel*cough*, but a new Daily Beast report says Obama, in a closed-door meeting with lawmakers, said criticism of his Syria policy is “horseshit.”

Some of the legislators in the room complained in the meeting that Obama should have armed the Syrian rebels, leading the president to use the expletive. And it wasn’t just Republicans, Obama faced criticism from both sides.

But the exchange in question did come from a contentious exchange with a Republican:

Sen. Bob Corker asked the President a long question that included sharp criticisms of President Obama’s handling of a number of foreign policy issues—including Syria, ISIS, Russia, and Ukraine. Obama answered Corker at length. Then, the president defended his administration’s actions on Syria, saying that the notion that arming the rebels earlier would have led to better outcomes in Syria was “horseshit.”

White House officials confirmed the charged exchange between Obama and Corker but declined to confirm that Obama used the expletive.

Well, of course they did, what else are they gonna say? “Yeah, the president swore like a sailor in there.”

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