President Obama Stacks Cheerios and Makes a Friendship Bracelet in Video for BuzzFeed

President Obama has participated in a goofy BuzzFeed video before, but somehow his new one out today ups the ante in some big ways.

It might seem weird, when you watch below, to see the president making a friendship bracelet, stacking Cheerios, playing Operation, untangling headphones, and trying to name every single dead Game of Thrones character (yes, including at least one from this season).

However, as you can see, Obama did the video to show how easy registering to vote is, as part of BuzzFeed’s week-long Turn Up to Vote campaign.

They even set up a website where you can go to register, if you haven’t already.

You can watch the video above (and then just go “LALALALALA” at the Game of Thrones spoilers if you’re not caught up yet), via BuzzFeed.

[image via screengrab]

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