Pundit Scorecard: Who Was Wrong And Who Was Right About Trump’s Presidential Run

If Donald Trump‘s supposed flirtation with a presidential candidacy accomplished anything, its that it made the last six to eight weeks among the strangest and entertaining political seasons in recent memory. This turned into good business for those involved in the opinion media racket, with soaring ratings born from the surfeit of coverage Trump received on all the cable news channels.

But its more than that; America owes Trump a bit of gratitude for his campaign daliance-cum-Celebrity Apprentice publicity tour, and its not for eliciting President Obama’s long form birth certificate, from which he claimed credit. No, we all owe Trump some level of thanks for revealing the core competence of political pundits that actually believed his dopey and transparent promotional scheme.

Yes, hindsight is 20/20, and while anyone can be suddenly find themselves rubbernecking at an accident on the side of the road, one would like to believe that the political experts who get paid lots of money to opine on cable news would have a better bullshit detector. So let’s take a trip down memory lane and see who was wrong and who was right about Trump’s presidential run:

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