Romney Pulls Four-Point Lead Over Obama Among Likely Voters In New Pew Poll

A new poll released by Pew Research Center comes bearing good news for Team Romney. Getting a boost from his strong debate performance, Mitt Romney‘s closed in on and erased President Obama‘s lead, it says.

Among registered voters, Romney’s pulled even, 46 percent to 46 percent for Obama — compared to 42 percent in September (versus Obama’s 51 percent). The numbers look better for Romney among likely voters, where he overtook Obama, 49 percent to 45 percent. (In September, he trailed by eight points.)

Pew attributes part of that improvement to Romney’s debate performance, which was strong, particularly in comparison to Obama’s lackluster one.

Via Pew:

More generally, the poll finds Romney’s supporters far more engaged in the campaign than they were in September. Fully 82% say they have given a lot of thought to the election, up from 73% in September. The new survey finds that Romney supporters hold a 15-point advantage over Obama backers on this key engagement measure. Supporters on both sides were about even in September.

Coming out of the debate, Mitt Romney’s personal image has improved. His favorable rating has hit 50% among registered voters for the first time in Pew Research Center surveys and has risen five points since September. At the same time, Obama’s personal favorability rating has fallen from 55% to 49%.

Among women likely voters, Romney and Obama are tied with 47 percent each. In September, the picture was quite different, with Obama enjoying an 18-point lead (56 percent to 38 percent).

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