Rove: Clintons, Dems Attacking Me Have Been Making Ageist Attacks for Decades

Karl Rove continued explaining his Hillary Clinton “brain damage” comments today on Hugh Hewitt‘s radio show, this time turning the tables on all the Democrats going after him to accuse them of hypocrisy when it comes to unfair attacks on a candidate’s health because of their age.

Rove observed that the more people complain about what he said, the more it stays afloat. He then pivoted to how the Clintons used ageist attacks in 1996, explaining they went after Bob Dole multiple times because of his age. He even called out the “sanctimonious” Jay Carney for piling on him when Carney, back in 2008, he wrote a piece for TIME on John McCain with the not-too-subtle headline “McCain: Frail with the Far Right.”

So as far as Rove’s concerned, all the people going after him are complete hypocrites.

Rove also addressed people criticizing and mocking him for his infamous 2012 election night moment, saying he just wanted to make sure Fox News was confident in their numbers before calling anything.

Listen to the audio below, via The Hugh Hewitt Show:

[image via Shannon Stapleton/Reuters]

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