comScore Jorge Ramos: Why Did Obama Skip Us for Big Syria Interviews?

Univision’s Jorge Ramos: Why Did Obama Skip Us for Big Syria Interviews?

President Obama is doing six big interviews tonight for NBC, CNN, PBS, CBS, ABC, and Fox News, but an anchor for the network Univision is wondering why the president glossed over them. Univision’s Jorge Ramos took to Twitter to call out Obama for not including Univision in his big pre-Syria address media blitz, calling it a wasted opportunity.

Ramos fired off two tweets slamming the snub of Univision from the president’s roster.

Univision spokesperson Jose Zamora told POLITICO it was disappointing that they were passed over, while the network sent along a somewhat frustrated statement to Deadline.

What happens in Syria is important to Univision News’ audience. As the fastest growing demographic in the U.S. the decisions that are made by our government on issues like this one have a direct impact in their lives and their future. The U.S. Hispanic community has the right to be well informed and receive all the news and information they need from the news source they trust the most. It’s disappointing to see the lack of interest to reach our audience on this important issue.

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