CNN Panel Gets Heated Over Trump’s ‘Nationalist’ Remark: ‘Nobody Made You CEO of the English Language’


CNN’s Chris Cuomo battled commentator Steve Cortes tonight over President Donald Trump identifying himself as a nationalist.

Cuomo brought up the historical and cultural connotations of the word in the previous segment, and Ana Navarro said Trump clearly knew what he was doing there.

Cortes jumped in to say it’s “incredibly mistaken” to compare American nationalism to Nazism, saying that the former “is about shared ideals, it’s about a constitution.”

“That’s not nationalism,” Cuomo responded.

“Yes it is,” Cortes said. “By the way, you don’t get, Chris, to just decide––nobody made you CEO of the English language.”

“You know better than George Orwell?” Cuomo retorted. “Do you know better than George Orwell? Do you know who that is?”

“Yes, I do,” Cortes said.

(In the previous segment, Cuomo had brought up Orwell’s writing on the subject of nationalism and why it’s not the same as patriotism.)

Cortes argued the reason Trump said he’s told not to say it is because American pride is looked down on by the “elites.” Cuomo laughed at the idea that he was implicitly being labeled an “elitist who doesn’t like the idea of caring about your country.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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