Former Clinton Adviser Storms Off The Set During Heated Medicare Debate On Fox

Has Democratic criticism of Congressman Paul Ryan’s plan to reform Medicare been fear-mongering? In a fiery debate between former advisor to President Bill Clinton, Simon Rosenberg and conservative talk show host Ben Ferguson, the discussion got a bit too heated (or rude, depending on your perspective) for Rosenberg and he promptly removed his microphone and bailed during the segment.

Ferguson argued that Democrats have offered no solutions for reforming Medicare and instead just scare old people and would rather do nothing. Rosenberg attempted to dispute the idea that Democrats have no desire to reform the system, but in doing so alleged that Ryan’s plan “would have allowed millions of people to die more quickly.” Ferguson interrupted Rosenberg and declared he was fear-mongering right now, to which Rosenberg responded, “Ben, shut up!” When Ferguson interrupted a few more times, Rosenberg seemed to give up trying to talk. Then, what seemingly pushed Rosenberg over the edge, was when Ferguson hurled some salt into the open wound taunting “you can pout, and that’s what you guys do well at.”

Shannon Bream attempted to moderate the debate, but lost control early. In the end she thanked both Ferguson, and the empty chair, for the debate, and hoped both men might come back in the future. Although that seems to be extremely wishful thinking with respect to Rosenberg.

Watch the clip from Fox News below:

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