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Guess Which Cable News Channel Ignored Obama’s Cronkite Eulogy?

obamacronkiteWalter Cronkite was an iconic newsman, who both reported and “helped the country understand the major transformations” that it was going through in a “calm, familiar and welcome voice”, who didn’t believe in “dumbing down.”  These are some of the words you would have heard had you been watching President Barack Obama eulogize the news legend during today’s memorial service, which was broadcast live on two of the three cable news networks. Can you guess which one ignored the presidential moment?

If you guessed Fox News, then you’d be correct. Instead of airing the Obama speech they spoke about what the President needed to say tonight to keep his disapproval ratings on health care from going up. Monica Crowley says that the speech tonight is “all about him” and not about “what the American people want” on health care, “but it doesn’t matter how well it’s spun.”

Lest anyone criticize the FNC’s programming decisions — it’s worth noting that, judging by the ratings alone — the Fox programmers seem to be doing a lot of things right.

Efforts to reach the FNC spokesperson for comment have not yet been returned.

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