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Kellyanne Conway Attacks John Dean: Unlike Him, I Don’t Plan on Going to Jail For Obstruction of Justice

Kellyanne Conway is on the warpath — going on the attack against former Nixon White House counsel John Dean ahead of his Congressional testimony.

During a segment on Fox & Friends Monday, Brian Kilmeade opened the door for Conway to go off on Dean by snarking about his testimony after Conway blasted Congressional Democrats for not allowing the White House a briefing room at Capitol Hill for an update on opioid legislation.

“They’re using it for John Dean’s makeup room,” Kilmeade said — sarcastically explaining why the House can’t spare space for an opioid briefing.

That was all Conway needed to go off on a Dean rant — during which she, unprompted, brought up the idea of being sent to jail for obstruction. (Dean served four months in a Federal safe house in 1974 for obstruction of justice relating to Watergate.)

“It’s really something,” Conway said. “I’ve never been disbarred. I passed four state bars, never been disbarred. Never went to jail for obstruction of justice and don’t plan on it.”

She added, “They’re picking lawyers from TV now. Remember, he also tried to derail Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination. This is not a credible person.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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