comScore Ken Starr Calls Trump Impeachment Inquiry 'Doomed to Fail'

Ken Starr Calls Trump Impeachment Inquiry ‘Doomed to Fail’: ‘Presidential Efforts to Impeach Do Not Work’

Former independent counsel Ken Starr denounced the ongoing impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump as “doomed to fail” during a Fox News appearance.

“Impeachment is doomed to fail given what we know. The facts are flowing in. In the history of the country, obviously presidential efforts to impeach do not work,” Starr told Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto on Cavuto Live Saturday.

Starr’s investigation of then-President Bill Clinton led to Clinton’s impeachment, although Clinton was later acquitted in the Senate.

“This will not result in a conviction, so why are we on the impeachment train, we should be on the oversight train and quit calling it impeachment,” Starr continued.

Cavuto asked if there was anything in the transcript of Trump’s call with the Ukrainian president that troubled him.

“Forget about it being impeachable are not, kind of trying to get out of another foreign leader, essentially dirt on a potential opponent in the next election,” Cavuto said.

Starr said he did think it was wrong, but argued it wasn’t a crime.

“He used a word that was very very wrong: reciprocity. ‘We need reciprocity,’ I’m embellishing but that is not a crime. It is poor judgment by the president. He should not have done that,” Starr said.

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