O’Reilly: Claims That Trump ‘Stiffed’ Vets Orgs Were ‘Fabricated’ by the Press

billBill O’Reilly lashed out at the media tonight over the controversy about Donald Trump‘s donations to veterans’ groups. Fox News military analyst Col. David Hunt agreed with the criticism, saying Trump focused too much on attacking the media and didn’t understand what the problem was here.

Hunt told O’Reilly that Trump would should have done what the Fox host himself has done––give to charity privately and “quietly go on your own business”––but as far as he’s concerned Trump caused his own problems here.

O’Reilly insisted there was “no data… that said he didn’t give the money” and it was “basically a supposition fabricated by anti-Trump people in the press.”

What O’Reilly left out was that news outlets did actually collect data on the unaccounted-for money, and an AP report today says that Trump sent out a bunch of big checks to vets’ orgs last week… the same day a Washington Post Trump interview dropped where he was grilled about what happened to the money.

Still, O’Reilly insisted “the press insinuated something that isn’t true and today Trump corrected the record.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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