Roseanne Barr On Sarah Palin: “We Have Common Ground”

Roseanne Barr thinks Sarah Palin “is all for the rich people.” Enter Bill O’Reilly, eager to bring peace to these two American icons.

O’Reilly told Barr he knows “Ms. Palin, because she works for us” and “she is genuinely interested in the welfare of working people.” He goes on to suggest to Barr that she and Palin have “common ground.”

And what do you know if Roseanne doesn’t agree:

I think we have common ground too. I do think we have common ground. I think all Americans have common ground.

Barr, who O’Reilly calls one of the “big agitators,” shares her New Year’s resolution to “stop controversial blogging and lose weight.” Barr, who told O’Reilly she was raised not as a liberal, but a socialist, also revealed the nature of her beef with Palin: “I’m mad because she’s stealing my act.”

Watch it here, from Fox News:

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