Fox & Friends Bash Media for Mocking Trump’s Listening Session Notes: ‘So Disingenuous’

The hosts of Fox & Friends were most displeased by the media coverage of the notes President Donald Trump kept during yesterday’s listening session with school shooting victims.

When Trump met with those affected by the Parkland shooting and other mass casualty events, a White House photographer took a picture of some bullet points the president held in his hands throughout the event. The picture went viral since one of the notes said “I hear you,” which a lot of people in the media and elsewhere took to mean that the president needed to remind himself to be empathetic and open-minded with his guests.

Brian Kilmeade brought this up with the curvy couch on Thursday, and he hit back at the critics by arguing that people in Trump’s position need to have notes to help make sure they address everything they have to.

“For people who do this, to mock the president because he wrote out questions, is so disingenuous, its actually very hurtful to people that trust networks.”

Steve Doocy and Ainsley Earhardt joined in by saying the notes weren’t in Trump’s handwriting, and he never actually said “I hear you” during the conversation.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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