Drudge Doubles Down on Clinton Love-Child Claim: There Was No DNA Test

It would seem that Matt Drudge is still insisting that Bill Clinton had a son out of wedlock, and no one wants to acknowledge it.

Earlier this month, Drudge Report pushed a claim from Danney Williams, who runs a social media campaign that is entirely dedicated to alleging that he is the former president’s illegitimate child. Drudge is headlining the claim again today, stating that not only is CNN’s Jeff Zucker allegedly forbidding his reporters from addressing the story, but also highlighting that Williams gave an interview about the matter on InfoWars.


The initial story was met skepticism right away, particularly because Drudge himself broke a story years ago about a DNA test that proved Williams couldn’t be related to Clinton. Today, however, Drudge claims that he was deceived at the time:

Drudge’s tweets typically disappear after a short time, so Mediaite has provided a screengrab of what he had to say:


[Image via screengrab]

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