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From Cheney to Matthews: The 9 Most Unexpected Reactions to Syria

With the lack of good options on Syrian intervention, Obama’s audible to send the authorization for use of military force to Congress, the anti-war Democrats’ recent history of protesting Middle East intervention along with Bush administration officials’ record of gleefully ignoring those protests, and more, the Syrian conflict is scrambling normal partisan reactions in ways that could reshape the political future.

Below is a primer on the unexpected positions of major lawmakers and media voices have taken on the resolution to authorize military force, from GOP leaders siding with Obama while Democrats like Charlie Rangel rebuke him, all the way to polar opposites like Laura Ingraham and Chris Matthews finding common ground in their opposition to Syrian intervention. It’s been a weird summer, and it can only get weirder as we approach a vote to authorize military action that no one wants to take.

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Images via Guardian, WaPo, Fox News, MSN, RS, PoliticsUSA, NYDN, ABC News

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