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Gallup Poll: Veterans Give Romney Double-Digit Lead Over Obama

Gallup released a timely poll on Memorial Day which shows military veterans give former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney a double-digit lead over President Barack Obama. In fact, Gallup’s Frank Newport notes that vets are partially “responsible for Romney’s advantage among men overall.”

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The poll shows military veterans support Romney over Obama by 58 to 34 percent. Non-veteran men give Romney a narrow lead with 46 to 45 percent. All men give Romney a 50 to 42 percent lead over Obama.

Women veterans support Obama over Romney with 47 to 42 percent. Non-veteran women support Obama by 49 to 42 percent. All women support Obama by the same margin.

Gallup notes that the proportion of adults with military service in their background increases dramatically among those men who are 60-years-old or older. 45 percent of those 60+ are veterans. Only 18 percent of those men aged 40-49 have a background in the services. 3 percent of women age 40-49 are veterans.

Despite the small proportion of veterans younger than age 60, support among male vets for Romney remains stable across all age groups. Those male voters under 50 with a service background support Romney over Obama with 59 to 32 percent.

A snapshot of the election among registered voters in this poll shows the race is tied at 46 percent each.

3,327 were veterans were interviewed for this poll which was taken between April 11 and May 24. This poll of vets has a 2.0 percent margin of error.

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