Man Paid $15,000 To Tattoo Romney Campaign Logo On His Face

Few are hoping that Mitt Romney becomes America’s 45th President of the United States more than Eric Hartsburg – his dignity is at stake. After auctioning off a portion of his face on eBay in August, the Indiana man found a taker who paid him $15,000 to ink the Romney campaign’s logo on the side of his head.

ABC News reports that Hartsburg is a registered Republican who had no problem tattooing the Romney logo on his face. He said that, beyond the remuneration, he was happy to “educate people on his beliefs.”

A professional wrestler, Hartsburg says he is not finished yet – he intends to auction off more space on his face for advertisement. The minimum bid is set at $5,000.

When asked if he would get a tattoo representing President Barack Obama’s campaign, Hartsburg replied that he would “definitely not” get an Obama tattoo.

h/t ABC News

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