Obama Kills At WHCD: ‘Approval Ratings Are High In Country Of My Birth’ (VIDEO)

Well if his day job doesn’t end up working out President Barack Obama may have a comedy career to fall back on. Obama addressed the star-studded crowd (for Washington, anyway) at the White House Correspondents dinner tonight — a.k.a the “nerd prom” — and from all accounts he stole the show. Poor Jay Leno, after the the whole Team Coco debacle he now has to follow a President who can bring the funny. Serious funny. This man is not afraid to take a shot for the sake of a good laugh. Some zingers and full video below.

    “Biden talked me into it. He leaned over and said this is no ordinary dinner…this is a big, f*cking meal.”

    “I’m glad to see the only person who’s ratings…fell more than mine is here tonight. Hey good to see you Jay.”

    “I hear I am big on Twitter…Facebook….or, as Sarah Palin calls it “Socialized Media.”

    On the Salahis: “There haven’t been people more unwelcome at a party since Charlie Crist!”

    “I’m also glad I’m speaking first – because we’ve all seen what happens when somebody takes the timeslot after Leno.”

    “I had my heart set on the Nobel prize for physics…you can’t win them all.”

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