Obama Says He’s “Amused” By Jon Stewart’s Rally To Restore Sanity

Add another name to the list of those who find Jon Stewart one of the most reasonable voices in news, real or fake: President Barack Obama. Speaking in Arlington, Va., Obama gave a tacit thumbs-up to Stewart’s upcoming Rally to Restore Sanity – and those who exemplify the “sanity” it promotes.

Obama took right-wing pundits to task during his talk:

“These cable shows, these talk show hosts, a lot of them have figured out, ‘The more controversial I can be…if I’m going out there, and I’m calling Obama this name or that name, saying he wasn’t born in this country – that will get me attention.”

…then added that “there are folks on the left who do the same thing,” and that those in the middle committed to constructive debate and actually getting things accomplished aren’t getting heard. But there was some hope, because:

“I was amused – Jon Stewart, the host of The Daily Show, apparently he’s going to host a rally called something like ‘Americans in Favor of a Return to Sanity.'”

Of course, that wasn’t quite the title, but it was close enough to know Obama’s been paying some attention to Stewart – and that Stewart’s the cable news personality with whom he’d prefer to align. For a fake newsman, not bad. Video of Obama’s mention below.

H/T Politico

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