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Racist Anti-Obama Bumper Sticker Goes Viral

An anti-Obama bumper sticker emblazoned with the expression “Don’t Re-Nig In 2012” went viral on Friday, outraging many people on social media and offline who viewed it as a particularly egregious racist attack against the president.

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Huffington Post’s Gene Demby determined the origin of the sticker to be Stumpy’s Stickers, which sold other similarly offensive imagery, perhaps most notably a graphic of a chimp, next to “Obama 2012.” Before the site went offline Friday, the design was available for purchase in 10” by 3” squares for $4.99 each. WFAA-TV’s Byron Harris investigated further and determined the business to be based in Camp, Arkansas despite Arkansas corporate records not showing information for the company. The domain name was “registered to a firm in Bellevue, Washington, which provides the service.”

Watch a news report below via WFAA:

(h/t Daily Beast via HuffPo)

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