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Rep. Michele Bachmann Begs Supporters To Defend Her Against… Bill Clinton?

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, who’s known both for making puzzling but impassioned speeches and for having a difficult relationship with the truth, says former president Bill Clinton is out to get her.

This afternoon, members of Human Events magazine’s listserv received a special message from Bachmann, who’s running for reelection this year. The email kicks off with a sentence that sounds a little, well, paranoid, especially out of context: “Bill Clinton will stop at nothing to raise money to defeat me.” (Yes, Bachmann bolds her lede as well.)

See, Clinton hosted a “high-dollar fundraising event” for Bachmann’s opponent, Tarryl Clark, and he also sent out “an email soliciting funds to defeat me” last week. This surely means that Clinton and his “money machine” are specifically targeting poor, persecuted Bachmann, rather than working to raise money for pretty much any Democrat running for office in November.

The only way to defeat the evil Clinton—and other members of the liberal elite like Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean, Barack Obama, and Walter Mondale, all of whom, apparently, are personally working to destroy Bachmann—is to help the beleaguered Congresswoman raise $20,000 in the next 24 hours. Those who wish to give Bachmann an “emergency donation” can do so at this page.

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