Rush Limbaugh: Tomorrow ‘Pharaoh Obama Will Come Out And Lie To You’

Tomorrow President Obama is expected to unveil a new budget plan that will tackle deficit reduction. Such an attempt at fiscal responsibility might be expected to receive some cheers from conservative voices, yet Rush Limbaugh makes it very clear that Obama, the “biggest big spender in world history,” is not to be trusted.

Rush warns:

“Tomorrow, Pharaoh Obama will come out and lie to you. He has lied to you repeatedly, before. He has lied to you about his so-called stimulus bill. He has lied to us about Obamacare. He has lied to us about taxes, he has lied to us about deficits and fixing them. He’s lied to us about spending. And he’s going to lie to you tomorrow about his budget.”

I wonder if Rush thinks Obama is a liar? Rush demands that Republicans and Tea Party freshmen in Congress should not applaud Obama, and instead should step up and be even bolder with their actions. According to Rush, Obama is a “radical leftist” who has already destroyed our economy and the currency and who thinks Americans are “stupid nuts and kooks.” Rush certainly was fired up here, but elected Republicans will most likely wait until after Obama speaks on Wednesday before concluding whether he spoke the truth.

Listen to the clip below from The Rush Limbaugh Show:

(h/t The Right Scoop)

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