SNL Cold Open: Harry Reid Reveals Himself To Be A Birther! (VIDEO)

SNL opened last night with a sketch spoofing President Obama (Fred Armisen) making a campaign stop in Nevada to stump for a struggling Harry Reid (Paul Brittain). After a glowing introduction from Obama, Reid asks him if he’d mind if he distanced himself from the President. “Do what you have to do, Harry, I’ve got your back,” says Obama. Whereupon Reid reveals that he is actually a Birther.

“I don’t understand why, if you were born in this country, you won’t just show us your birth certificate. I mean is that too much to ask?”

“You’re right!” Says Obama to the crowd, “I probably should!.”

Watch below. Later Obama agrees that Reid is both “devious” and a “fairweather friend”…“I wouldn’t call us friends,” says Reid.

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