Study: Obama’s Hair 136% Grayer Since First Taking Office

President Barack Obama often humorously remarks on the greying of his hair and a recent study by the Proceedings of the Natural Institute of Science concludes it’s not just a joke.

Looking at photos of Obama’s hair for the past 68 months — so far the length of his presidency — the study found that Obama is “about 136 percent grayer” since his inauguration in 2009.

As a reference point, the study used actor Morgan Freeman‘s very white hair, which Obama has joked his own head would resemble by the end of his second term.

From the study:

We can expect that Obama’s hair color (or, at least, Obama’s hair color in photos) will likely fluctuate in the future. Thus, it may be the case that we will perceive Obama to have 100% Morgan Freeman Hair (MFH) some time before May 2016, simply due to one of these fluctuations (i.e., Obama having a bad gray-hair day).

We note that the Proceedings of the Natural Institute of Science (PNIS) publishes both real (“hard”) and satirical (“soft”) studies.

The study on Obama’s hair fell under the “hard” category.

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