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Trump Suggests ‘Fake Dossier’ Was a Conspiracy Between Russia, FBI, Democrats

President Trump is still tweeting his morning proclamations, and he apparently just suggested that there are rogue forces operating in the U.S. government with a penchant for Russian collusion.

Trump is referring to news of two executives from Fusion GPS who chose to remain silent yesterday during a private meeting with the House Intelligence Committee. The political research firm was responsible for the lewd, controversial dossier which contained information about Trump’s alleged links to Russia.

He is apparently suggesting Russia, the Democrats or the FBI paid for the dossier — or that they all cooperated together to fund the file? It’s unclear.

Fusion GPS co-founders Peter Frisch and Thomas Catan appeared as required by the House Committee’s subpoena, though their lawyer, Joshua Levy, said they invoked their right against self-incrimination and did not answer questions.

Trump’s tweet about this subject comes after he previously bemoaned how the “fake media” is supposedly ignoring the Senate Judiciary Committee’s investigation into the Obama-era Uranium One deal.

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