‘You Broke My Heart, Gov.’ And Other Possible NY Post Headlines

obamapatterson.480.1Barring some sort of ‘jackass’ remark during tonight’s taping of Letterman it’s pretty much a given that this picture of President Obama greeting New York Governor David Paterson on a tarmac earlier today will be the front page of tomorrow’s New York Post (the real one).

On Sunday George Stephanopoulos asked the President whether he ever stepped back and thought ‘Wow, I’m going to have to step up my game’?” It’s entirely possible that at some point today was he was thinking “wow, my office needs to figure out its timing!” because, honestly, whose idea was it to inform Gov. Paterson he was not welcome to run for Governor again right before the President flew to New York for his big Letterman/UN moment. Did they really think it wasn’t going to get out? Paterson’s best (and arguably only) chance at reelection is to pit himself against an interfering President! Of course he’s still going to run now.

Back to tomorrow’s Post. ‘Obama To New York Gov: Drop Dead’ is probably a bit too strong to make it to print. Considering the shout out Obama gave to the state’s attorney general ‘Cuomo and Get It’ might not be too far off. I still like Godfather theme best, but if you have other ideas we’re taking suggestions.

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